Who We Are

Pondera was founded in 2007 by a team of professionals with more than 30 years
successful experience in the construction of industrial facilities. Since then, Pondera
has become a dis tinguished firm in its field and be came a re nowned company within
a short period of time, due to its success at co nstruction fields.
Pondera is a valued partner to its clients and well-appreciated by its employees for
its team spirit, excellent working conditions and solidarity. This makes Pondera’s
unique dynamic and profes sionalism which also distinguishes itself in e ffectiveness
and efficiency in all ope rations.
Pondera translates to “balance” in Latin. Therefore, maintaining the balance
amongst our clients, our employees and our stakeholders is important to us.
Striving for customer satisfaction and our worker’s safety is our top priority because
caring for our customers and employees is our safety in the future of our business.

Our clients