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Pondera was founded in Moscow, in 2007 by a group of specialists who succesfully had carried out industrial mechanical installation works. Pondera has become a distinguished company in it’s field of activities and got the status of reliable company in short period of time, due to it’s success at construction fields.

Pondera has become a company appreciated by it’s workers as well as by clients. And pays atten- tion to team spirit and solidarity, observing discipline, effective time management and good working conditions. The fact that all our staff have an amateur working spirit, makes us more dynamic and professional in our work.

Pondera means “balance” in Latin. The most important issue for us is always keeping in balance of our business, customer satisfaction and the rest of our staff. Therefore, we always take care of worker’s safety. Safety of a worker is safety of our business and guarantee of our future.
So here is the “balance” will be our goal forever.


  • Petrochemical Industry
  • LNG & Gas Industry
  • Mining & Metallurgical Industry
  • Power Plant