Our Mission

Our mission is to develop human resources systems and processes that should increase our employees efficiency and productivity to the highest level, and to ensure that they are applied.

“Since its foundation, Pondera Company, selecting the right personnel for employment and providing career opportunities with performance management systems.

Our human resources policy is to provide our employers the opportunity of improvement themselves by motivation, adopting as a team member, keeping them happy with the help of system to contribute their individual progress, looking for new challenges and developing a resourceful network of colleagues.

Application and Recruitment Process

You can send us your CV via online to our e-mail adress given under the title of “Contact”. Once your online application is received, your evaluation process is started.

Your educational background and work experiences to be evaluated and matched with our requirements of relevant vacant positions. In case your qualification is matched with our requirements, you will be contacted by our human resources department and invited for interview.

Job Application Form

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